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Πρότυπο:The Power of Music Buildings

Harmony Grove


A specially constructed stage surrounded by a grove of sacred trees that can perfectly focus the acoustics for magical rituals.

Portal Ch20 L4.png


The Harmony Grove is the storage for chapter resources. It is also where you can produce the two resources needed to unlock the Technologies of this Chapter.

HG 1.png


To be able to build the Harmony Grove you must unlock its technology in the Research Tree and spend the resources for its construction. It needs to be connected to the Main Hall with any regular street. It can be upgraded, sold, and rebuilt.

Harmony Grove Productions

As soon as you unlock its technology and build the Harmony Grove you will be able to produce Bars Ch20 bars.png using Mana and Unurium. Bars Ch20 bars.png are the only capped resource in this chapter, so you should take into account the amount produced so that you do not waste any valuable resources. It uses a queue production line for both available resources.

HG produce1.png

When you unlock the Harmony Grove Upgrades Technology you will not only increase the production bonus, but you will also be able to produce Songs Ch20 songs.png. Songs are needed to unlock some Technologies towards the end of the chapter and upgrade your Harmony Grove to the next level.

Beware - In Songs production, although there are several production options, the result will always be the same, only the production cost will vary.

HG produce2.png


In order to upgrade your Harmony Grove to the maximum level you need to research the two respective Technologies in the Chapter, however, there is something else you will also need to upgrade your Harmony Grove in your city. You will need Requirements Resources which you can obtain by researching and building the Requirements Buildings:

The higher the level you want to upgrade your Harmony Grove, the more Requirements you will need.

HG upgrade.png

Upgrading the Harmony Grove to the next level will:

  • Unlock the Songs Ch20 songs.png Production.
  • Unlock more slots to produce the Resources.
  • Increase the storage of the one and only capped Resource of the Chapter - Bars Ch20 bars.png
  • Settlement Production Boost
  • Portal Production Boost

Harmony Grove Overview

Harmony Grove
Level Requirements Costs Benefits
Level Size Construction Time Mana Melody Accompaniment Rhythm Songs Bars
Guest Race Resources Production Boost Songs
Portal Production Boost Slots Available
1 5x5 48:00h 2000K - - - - 1500 100% - - 3
2 6x6 60:00h 2400K 1 1 1 - 3000 120% 1 150% 4
3 7x7 72:00h 2800K 2 2 2 10 6000 140% 1 200% 4
4 8x8 84:00h 3300K 3 3 3 20 10000 140% 1 250% 5

Building Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
B Ch20 Portal 1.png
B Ch20 Portal 2.png
B Ch20 Portal 3.png
B Ch20 Portal 4.png
Click on each building level to see a bigger image.