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Mainbanner dwarvenmerge2022.png

Once upon a time, an old Dwarven kingdom that was once a happy place, fell in despair. When the Dwarven king wished to save his city, a fairy appeared, and offered a trade: she would enchant his favorite board game, and they would be safe, but they would play together forever. As soon as the king picked up the board, the whole city was sucked into the game, and in its place only a big forest remained. The drought came, the continent died, the waters carried away the board and for centuries the game was lost in the oceans of Elvenar, until it was found by a Dwarven traveling merchant in the shores near your kingdom. Attracted by the gems engraved in the box, the Dwarf headed towards your city to offer you this majestic present, hoping for a nice reward.

Quests & Quest Milestones

The quest line consists of a story section and additional episodic quests, which start as soon as the story is completed. This means that you will be able to finish the first series of quests right away, while later quests have new additions released on a daily basis, allowing you to continue to play one additional event quest on each new event day.

Solving event quests also comes with additional benefits, as each completed quest brings you closer to reaching one of the Milestones which give you additional rewards simply for reaching them.

Dwarvenmerge2022 quest progress.png

Event Menu

Dwarvenmerge2022 tab0.png

Each completed quest will give you Dwarven Chips Dwarven Chips.png as a reward. They are automatically added to the Event Menu. Dwarven Chips are used to open Cups to receive Game Pieces, with which you can trade with Dwarves for precious Triumph Gems Triumph Gems.png. With this precious Triumph Gems you can unlock amazing Grand Prizes including the fantastic buildings in this year's new Building Set: The Dwarven Citadel.

Dwarvenmerge2022 EventButton.png

By clicking the Event Menu icon you will access the Event Window which will give you plenty of information and allow you to put the Dwarven Chips you gathered to use:

Dwarvenmerge2022 event explain.png
  1. Indicates the remaining time for the Event.
  2. Shows you the amount of Dwarven Chips Dwarven Chips.png you have collected and not yet spent.
  3. Leagues, allows you to see your progress through the Leagues (please check the bottom of the page for more information)
  4. Allows you to buy Dwarven Chips using Diamonds.
  5. As you see that you have reached 5/5 Reroll charges, and you want to change your Daily Prize, just press the Reroll button, confirm your choice, and you will see your Daily Prize change for the day!
  6. Shows you the Daily Exclusive reward you can get when you trade with the Dwarves. This also shows you for how long it will still be available before it is gone.
  7. Grand Prizes to be won by collecting Triumph Gems Triumph Gems.png for each.
  8. The amount of Triumph Gems you have traded with the Dwarves.
  9. Info-Point: here you can check the several available evolutions of the Game Pieces and what their state of evolution is.
  10. Game board where the Game Pieces will appear and where you can merge them.
  11. Trades available at that time, check the cost of trading based on the offer you wish to accept from the Dwarves.
  12. Your progress in the discovery of The Dwarven Citadel.
  13. Waste bucket: Drag a piece you want to remove from the game board here. Beware! This process cannot be undone.
  14. Cups: This is where you can spend your Dwarven Chips, each Cup has a specific type of Game Piece.
  15. Lucky Draw: This magnificent card allows you to place a level 5 or 6 evolved Game Piece on the board game. If luck smiles on you, you can receive 50-100 Dwarven Chips.

You can also click the Helpbtto.png button to see the help information on A Gateway into the Past event.

Dwarven Chips

Dwarvenmerge2022 tab2.png

You start the Event with 15 Dwarven Chips Dwarven Chips.png and each Event Quest will give you more as a reward for completing the given tasks. Additionally, you will receive 20 Dwarven Chips Dwarven Chips.png if you visit your city each day and collect the Daily Event Reward!

Dwarvenmerge2022 daily login.png

Also, from time to time, you will find more Provisions around your city outskirts for you to collect.

Dwarvenmerge2022 city treasure.png

You can then use the Dwarven Chips to win Game Pieces. Additional Dwarven Chips are unlocked upon reaching the first Quest Milestone.

Remember that A Gateway into the Past event only lasts for a few weeks, and after that you will no longer be able to use your Dwarven Chips to obtain Game Pieces that are stored in the Cups and earn awesome rewards, so don't waste time!

The Trading Game

Cups and Game Pieces

Dwarvenmerge2022 Cups.png

To play a Merge Event, you will need two things: Mergeable Pieces and Cups.

There is three types of Pieces in this event:

  • The Figurines
  • The Tools
  • The Dices

Each type of Piece have six levels. You can find all the levels of each pieces on the image bellow: 

Game pieces 22 1.png
Game pieces 22 2.png
Game pieces 22 3.png

The Cups will give you the Game Pieces to play this event. Each Cup can only give a Game Piece of his type. You can activate a Cup using your Dwarven Chips, but the rewards of the Cup is randomly choose by the game. You can see in the table bellow the odds of each pieces for each Cup: 

Cup of Figurines Cup of Tools Cup of Dice
Dwarvenmerge2022 Cup Figurines.png
Dwarvenmerge2022 Cup Tools.png
Dwarvenmerge2022 Cup Dice.png
Please note: You can see that each Cup can only give you a Game Piece up to the level five.

Merging Process

Dwarvenmerge2022 tab1.png

The Master Piece of this Event is Merging the Game Pieces. To obtain the rewards of the Dwarven, you have to offer them the correct Game Pieces.

But, when you activate a Cup, you receive a Game Piece of the Cup type but not necessarily the level that you want. It's now that the Merging take place!

To merge two Pieces together, you have to click on the first Piece and drag it on the second Piece. And it's all! The merge will be done and a new evolved Game Piece will appear!

There are some rules to follow: 

First rule: You can only merge together two game pieces of the same type and the same level. Which means that, you can't merge a Dice level 1 and a Tool level 1. But you can merge two Figurines level 2. 

The result of two Game Pieces merged together will always be a single Game Piece, but one which has evolved to the next level up from that of the initially separated pieces.

Exemple: you need to produce a Dive level 5? You need to merge two Dice level 4.

Second rule: The merging is irreversible. If you don't need the merged Piece, you can only discard it or keep it until you need it.

Third rule: By merging two Pieces, you will always get a higher level. You can never obtain a lower level.

The Trading Process

Dwarvenmerge2022 tab3.png

On the right section of the game table, you will find three orders from the Dwarven. It's like the Chests of our previous events.

To complete each trade offer, you need to produce in the Game table the required Game Pieces. You can have a maximum amount of 3 offers in the same time and each offer will ask you one Piece of each type but with differents levels. The more difficult the offer is, the rewards will be better.

If you don't want to fulfill an offer, you can decide to skip it. But be aware that you will have to wait 30 minutes to receive a new offer except if you decide to use diamonds.

Offers august 22 steps.jpg
In the first and the second offer, you can see that the player have in his Game table one Game Piece for the first offer and two for the second because the squares are green. 

If you look at the top corner of these two offers, you can also see a red cross to allow the player to skip the offer.

If you fly over the offer with your mouse, you can also see what can be the rewards of the offer. As the Chests of our previous event, you can only win one of the listed rewards. All depends of your luck. 

In the third offer, you can see that the player have all the Game Pieces. In this situation, the player can't no longer skip the offer.  Please note: If you don't want to fulfill this offer, you can just delete or merge one of the piece asked by the offer.

In all offers, you can also see how many Triumph Gems Triumph Gems.png the offer will grant you.

When you accept an offer, the Game Pieces will be taken from your Game board, the rewards of the offer will be granted and the Triumph Gems Triumph Gems.png obtained will help you to progress in the Grand Prizes and the Leagues. Please see our dedicated section below.

The Lucky Draws

Dwarvenmerge2022 Lucky Draw.png

The Lucky Draw is your joker for this new event! As a reward of a Dwarven offer, you can win "Lucky Draws". It's a special item that will grant you a reward randomly choose by the game. You can win higher level Game Piece or Dwarven Chips.


Building Set

Dwarvenmerge2022 tab4.png

A Gateaway into the Past event gives you a new Building Set. Like previous Sets, these are special buildings that increase and add new productions when they are placed directly next to each other, like a set. This can mean that their regular production is increased, or that new productions are added once several set buildings are combined!

Collect the following 7 buildings to complete the Dwaven Citadel: Memorial of the Savior, Golden Wish, Moon Vendor, Gaming Lounge, Gates of Dawn, Caves of Dusk and the Temple of Sun and Moon. 

Dwarvenmerge2022 Building Set.png

The Dwarven Citadel set provides many different resources for your city such as, Population, Culture, Basic Sentient Goods, Orces, Vallorian Guards and Seeds as standard production resources. By completing the set, the Dwarven Citadel will produce more of these resources and new resources will be added such as Vitality Surge 5%, Knowledge Points, and Barracks Heavy Melee and Heavy Ranged Units.

For more information on Buildings Set, go to our dedicated page on the topic.

Royal Prize Pass

The Royal Prize Pass is an additional feature, which can accompany any regular Event in Elvenar.

Prizepass new GitP.png

For every event step completed, you will make a step towards the next Grand Prize, and an additional Prize within the Royal Prize Pass!

In the Grand Prizes window, available from the Event screen if the Event is using the mechanic, you can see the upcoming event prizes that are waiting for you to be unlocked. Here, for every step earned from collecting Event Currency, you can unlock one of the event Grand Prizes, among which you can find various high-rarity instants, Artifacts, and so on.

The Royal Prize Pass adds Royal Grand Prizes, which can be collected with the regular Grand Prizes. The Royal Prize lane becomes available with purchasing the Royal Prize Pass and you can do so at any time in the event! For this event, the exclusive building that will be granted with the purchase of the Royal Prize pass is the Eclipse Bridge!

A Evt August XXII Eclipse Bridge1 1.png

Grand Prizes & Daily Prizes

By accepting a Dwarven trade you receive Triumph Gems which help you to progress through the Grand Prizes line which not only contains the buildings required to complete the Dwarven Citadel set, but also contains an exlcusive portrait that cannot be found anywhere else in the game.

Merge portrait.jpg

Each day you will have a chance to win a Daily Exclusive prize, including some brand-new buildings of the event, such as: Solar Training Grounds, Lunar Factory and Warriors Gate.

Dwarvenmerge2022 Special Buildings.png

Are you keen on a certain Daily Prize? Then you can hover your mouse pointer over an offer to see the odds of you receiving the Daily Prize.

Dwarvenmerge2022 Trade Content.png

But that's not all! By accepting a Dwarven trade you can receive various types of Instants, Rune Shards, Knowledge Points, Goods, Units and much, much more...! For all this and much more, make sure to complete all the Event Quests so that you can have a chance to win every single one of these wonderful prizes.

Dwarvenmerge2022 reward panel.png

After collecting the Daily Exclusive rewards and Grand Prizes, you will find them in your InventoryInventory icon normal.png

Please note: All building values and effects depend on the chapter you are in at the time you add the buildings to your Inventory.


In this event you will have the chance to participate in Leagues and win even more fantastic prizes! Triumph Gems Triumph Gems.png will not only allow you to collect Grand Prizes but also to progress up through the Leagues.

There are five different Leagues you can reach: Hobby, Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold League. Each League is limited to a number of players with the required amount of points for that League. If a league is already full, you will move to the next League down but remember, the positions on the Leagues are recalculated every hour so do not give up hope and keep gathering Triumph Gems Triumph Gems.png to be able to progress in the Leagues also!

  • Hobby - All Players
  • Iron - Top 50%
  • Bronze - Top 20%
  • Silver - Top 5%
  • Gold - Top 1%

For the Hobby League you only need to start playing the event, as for the rest of the Leagues you need to gather Triumph Gems Triumph Gems.png in order to progress through the Leagues. 

Each League has a minimum amount of points that needs to be reached. The League requirements are based on the progress of all players playing the event and it is recalculated every hour, so you might notice some changes on the required points to achieve the next League.

If you hover your mouse over the Leagues icon in the event window, you will be able to see what your rank in and how much further you have to go until you reach the next League.

Leagues tooltip GP2022.png

Leagues Prizes

In Leagues there are even more fantastic prizes to be won, such as Expiring Buildings, Knowledge Points, Royal Restoration, Artifacts and more unique prizes!

Each league has a set of awesome rewards, the higher the league the better the rewards! In order to receive the rewards of the league you desire, you must be in the top ranking of that League.

At the end of the event you will see a reward window that displays your League position and the prizes you have won.

Leagues reward window.png