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In Elvenar you can upgrade almost every building allowing you to improve them.

To get better buildings you won’t need to remove current buildings and replace them, but you will need to upgrade existing buildings to a higher level.

With an upgrade you will get a visual change of the building and also a new or improved functionality for that building.

If you want to know if an upgrade is available just hover your mouse pointer over the building and a tooltip will show it to you.


Some upgrades will increase the building size. For those upgrades, you need to unlock a technology in the Research Menu first.


Costs and Requirements

Every upgrade has costs and requirements:

  • Costs: Most upgrades require Coins and Supplies, some even Goods.
  • Requirements: Every upgrade requires a builder until it is finished. You will need some culture, and most upgrades also need available population. In addition, when the building increases its size, you might need to relocate it.


Note: You can skip the construction time with Premium.

If you have enough Coins and Supplies for an upgrade but you are missing goods, you can buy them with a certain amount of Premium. You cannot buy missing Coins or Supplies with Premium.